About us

About us



Our company was founded in 1996 by our CEO Mr. Mahmut Nedimi Tosun. In the same year he also started his entrepreneurial activity as a contractor. Mr. Tosun worked as a subcontractor for a demolition company until 1999 and during this time he was able to take over the complete demolition works in the Foreign Office, which he supervised together with his employees for 3 years.

1999 – 2006

Until 2006, Mr. Tosun worked as a general contractor for various property developers, mostly renovating apartment buildings for them in Friedrichshain/Prenzlauer Berg.

2006 – 2012

After gaining a lot of experience in the construction field especially in real estate renovation in the past years, Mr. Tosun entered the real estate industry in 2006.

His first projects include the following apartment buildings:

  • Petersburgerstr. 40, 10249 Berlin, refurbishment of over 35 apartments.
  • Sprengelstr. 2, 13353 Berlin, refurbishment of over 40 apartments

After the completed refurbishment, Mr. Tosun resold both projects to a larger investor.

Through his good contacts, Mr. Tosun was able to convince two Danish investors (Rialto Finance and Selandia Finance) to invest in Berlin in 2006. Thanks to the investment of these two companies, well over 1.5 billion euros, many projects in Berlin could be secured and continued. This business relationship continues to this day.

2012 – 2016

Until 2016, Mr. Tosun had also started developing attic blanks in parallel. He had purchased these mainly in Berlin-Tempelhof, developed them to an upscale standard and then resold them.

2016 – 2023

Since 2016, the focus of the group of companies has been on the purchase of land in the Berlin bacon belt, which is not yet developed.
To date, the real estate group has over 30 plots. Together with the group manager, architect Ms. Kaptan, it has now been possible to create building rights for almost all plots in the form of preliminary building permits, building permits or development plans.

From 2023, the plots will be sold to national and international partners of Mr. Tosun after the building law has been created.



Our goal is to develop the land we acquire, create its building rights and leave it even better than we found it.

We develop the building land together as a team.

We develop the land from fallow land to building land, which is then offered for sale.


Site Investigations

Construction planning

Development of design and alternative concepts

Creation of execution plans

Submission of preliminary
building applications

Submission of building
permit applications

Development of development plans


Tendering and participation with the awarding

Object monitoring

Quality assurance site management